Product advantages

The company currently has more than 40 kinds of products; export-oriented products, advanced production technology, quality of products meet or exceed the national standards. Company has more than 20 years of experience in research and production, has always been "excellent quality, superior service, and common progress" philosophy and our clients grow with innovative, win-win cooperation
Product features

Fast: the time period required for the project as a whole is far less than traditional culture stone products installation time;
Light: made of high-tech materials, light weight, without other machinery of collaboration can be done by a single installation;
Durable: the product uses the high polymer materials, multilayer and spraying high-strength coatings, the use of more durable;
Easy to install: the structure of product design for the card, has the tongue side, full of Groove and reserved slot. Direct use of screws and nails to complete the installation;
Appearance: mold is based on fine polished by real stone, through a special process, make our products look realistic and delicate;
Versatility: beautiful building materials all products have passed the professional waterproof, pest control, test, can be applied to any flat substrates.

Trade PU culture stone is made of high density polyurethane raw materials

With proven manufacturing technology and professional design, imitation of true culture stone various three dimensional texture and color, is a simulation of a high level of product. Compared with the general culture stone of stone, our product is lightweight but sturdy, durable and easy to fall off, but also have convenient transportation, easy installation, no radiation, water insects setting fire, corrosion-resistant characteristics. This product is commonly used for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as: TV background wall, fireplace, home style walls. As a model for pollution-free radiation-free building materials decoration, cement is used in our product installation is not of just a few nails, you can easily complete, safe and reliable...【More】

PU Pu material

Polyurethane polyurethane, is the main chain has duplicated carbamate group of macromolecular compounds collectively. It is composed of organic two or more isocyanate isocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compounds and gather together. Polyurethane, use a very wide, can substitute for rubber, plastic, nylon and other products has the following features:
(1) a long service life, reduces costs, (2) temperature resistance in high temperature 120 degrees knocked ~; (3) polyurethane products are pollution-free, nontoxic and odorless...【More】

Trade products

Low cost:Direct installation time and the entire project period, far less than traditional culture stone products installation time;Light:Due to the use of lightweight polyurethane raw materials, light, collaboration does not require forklifts or machinery, can be completed by a person installing;Durable:Using special polyurethane technology, certified and tested coatings UV resistance and durability of other elements. So you don't need to worry about climate change and the impact of the deterioration of the product;Easy to install:Structure of product design for the card, with my tongue, Groove and reserved slot. Most of the work does not need caulking, but can be done with screws and nails...【More】

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Dongguan MeiYi Building Material Co., Ltd.

Meeyee Construction material Co, LTD was found in 1998(Dongguan,China),whose visionis to become a preeminent construction material provider of polyurethane,production and vendition as well.
Throughout 16 years development, out company possesses advanced equipment, developed and mature product evaluation process and quality-control system.Now we are striving for diverse development in Home&Business-decoration markets,covering brand stores,chain stores,commodity residential buildings,villas,etc.
Ore main products is PU culture stone series which are exported to the United States, Europe,South America,southeast Asia...

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